A Little About Me

Art is My Addiction!


Just like many sports there are characteristics of being in front of the easel that draw me back again & again.  

1.  It is a time of "staying present"

     Cares and worries of the day fall away.  I am alone in my studio listening to        music and focusing on how I can make the image have an emotional impact      on the viewer.

2.  It is challenging

     There is always room for growth, always one new thing I want to try. 

      Learning is an on-going process through easel time, workshops, and                   reading.

3.  Practice Makes Perfect

     Not all paintings are destined for framing but each painting teaches me and

     brings me closer to a higher level of work.

4.  The rewards are sporadic and always a suprise.

     Hitting a "home run" can happen with a small painting that comes easily or        a large painting worked on for months.  A painting might be rejected for one

     show and accepted for another.  But oh how good it feels when the                    successful piece is created!


My education background is a degree in Art Education from Miami University in Oxford Ohio along with many workshops from artists such as Lorenzo Chavez, Kim Lordier, Terri Ford, Richard McKinley and others.



Pastel Society of New Mexico, Signature Member

Plein Air Painters of New Mexico

Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association



 Juried Shows:


2019 MasterWorks, Albuquerque NM

2018 Arizona Pastel Artists Assoc. National Exhibition, Sedona AZ

2017 & 2016 Mile High International Pastel Exhibition, Denver Co

2018, 2017 & 2016 Plein Air Painters of NM Members Show,  Santa Fe NM

2016, 2014, 2013 & 2012 PSNM National Show,  Albuquerque NM

2016 Santa Fe Plein Air Festival,   Santa Fe NM

2016 Pastel National 2016,   Wichita KS

2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 PSNM Small Works Show,  Albuqerque NM

2015 MasterWorks Minatures,   Albuquerque NM

2015 Fuller Lodge Art Center “Canyons Mesas Mountains Skies” Los Alamos

2014 New Mexico Art League “Black & White,”   Albuquerque NM

2013 NMAL Visions of Nature:  Sky and Earth,   Albuquerque NM