"Feeling Overpowered"                        Pastel                                     9 x 12

Feeling Over Powered?


With the events of the world swirling around us it is a reminder that we are not in control.  Painting this scene plein air at Diablo Canyon reminded me of that feeling. Can you spot the small figures I included to give a sense of scale? While painting, I could hear the voices of the rock climbers on the rockface calling to each other, but it was not easy to see them!


Covid-19 Updates



Our world has changed in a way we couldn't imagine.  Our way of life, if not our health, has been turned up-side down.  I have confidence that eventually we will return to normal but perhaps a new normal.  


I am one of many artists who will feel a financial impact from this time.  The Eldorado Studio Tour has been cancelled and my galleries and venues are closed. On the plus side I have lots of time to paint!




Thank you for visiting my website.  I have several sections of paintings and I hope you have time to explore them all.  All paintings are for sale and resonably priced.  If you have questions or would like to see a painting in "real-life"  please contact me through this site.