"Shadow Patterns"                             Pastel                                         9 x 12

"The Sound of Silence"


This painting, completed in 2020, has been selected for the 2020 Richeson 75 Landscape, Seascape, and Architecture Competition and Exhibition.  The on-line exhibit will open for viewing on June 26 and can be found at www.Richeson75.com


Covid-19 Updates



Our world has changed in a way we couldn't imagine.  Our way of life, if not our health, has been turned up-side down.  I have confidence that eventually we will return to normal but perhaps a new normal.  


I am one of many artists who will feel a financial impact from this time.  The Eldorado Studio Tour has been cancelled and my galleries and venues are closed. On the plus side I have lots of time to paint!


My hope is to offer an open studio on Saturday Sept 12 and possibly the 13th providing it is safe to do so.  To receive an invitation to this event you will need to be on my mailing list or follow me on Facebook.  Hope that this plean becomes possible and we can again share our love of art!



Thank you for visiting my website.  I have several sections of paintings and I hope you have time to explore them all.  All paintings are for sale and resonably priced.  If you have questions or would like to see a painting in "real-life"  please contact me through this site.